For renting a rent a car vehicle deposit is mandatory – preauthorization on credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express). Minimum 300 € for car categories B,B+: 400 € for car categories C, CA, C+,D, D+ ; 500 € for car categories F, FA, Esw ; 700€ for other categories GD, GDsw, FD, VD. The price of car rental is not included in the deposit. Rental fee is not part of the deposit and should be paid in advance. Credit card pre-authorisation is released within 24h from car return ( provided that car is returned without new damages, the same ammount of fuel in the tank as given or charges for parking). Final release is made from clients bank ( bank that issued credit / debit card ).


The fuel used during the rental is paid by the renter. ZIM rent a car will charge an extra 10% in case that the renterer returns the vehicle with less fuel than given on pick*up. Fuel is not included in the price of rental. Possible damage to the vehicle caused by the renter’s wrong choice of fuel is covered by the renter 100%.

Traffic fines and violations:

Fines for traffic violations, that are caused by breakage of laws of Republic of Serbia are charged to the renter. The service of payment parking tickets and other traffic fines is charged 15 €. Loss of car keys is charged 100%.

Additional driver:

Gratis (minimum 25. Years of age).

Child seats:

First seat free, second 20.00 € per rental . Second booster seat 5.00 € per rental.

Snow chains: Chains are provided with the vehicle free of charge, but in case the renter uses them, we charge 10 € for the whole period of rental.


Free use of the system for up to 7 days, over 7 days the use is charged 10 € for the whole period of rental. Loss or damage to the GPS is not covered by insurance.


All prices are with tax included 20%. Price are displayed in Euros. All services are charged is RSD by the average ex.rate of the Nationa bank of Serbia.

Out of working hours pick-up / drop-off: (20:00 - 08:00) is charged 20.00 € in RSD equivalent. On Sundays and holidays the pick-up and drop-off is also charged 20.00 € in RSD. Monday - Friday pick up/drop off (17:00 - 20:00h) on request. Extra charge possible.

Border crossing:

Crossing the border of Republic of Serbia is allowed with the permition from ZIM rent a car.

Unlimited mileage is valid only for the territory of Serbia and rental of minimum 4 days or more.

Car wash is charged 6 €, except if the inside of the car is very dirty or stained, in that case it is charged 15 €.

Dry cleaning of the vehicle interior is charged 25-50 €.

Every damage that occurs on the vehicle interior is charged minimum 100.00 € plus tax and it is not covered by the insurance provided ( not even CCI ).

Every damage that occurs on the engigine, or transmission parts, as a result of bad driving or misbehavior with the car,it is not covered by insurance and will be charged from renterer 100%.

Driver’s age necessary: 25 - 70 yrs.

Minimum 25 years of age for the vehicle categories B, BA, C, C+, D, DA, E, F and minimum 23 years of age for the vehicle category A.

Maximum age 70 years old. Above 70 yrs on request ( special insurance terms can be applied).

Driver’s license:

The renter must be in possession of his license for minimum 5 yeas or 3 years but this is valid only for A category vehicles.

Minimum car rental duration and delays: 24h. Every delay relative to the agreed time of vehicle return will be charged as one whole day. If the renter shortens the duration of his rental, ZIM rent a car holds the right to charge penalties amounting a three days rent for the chosen car group according to the pricelist. Also if the renter does not cancel his rental at least 72 hours before his arrival or is a Non-Show, ZIM rent a car holds the right to charge penalties amounting a three days rent for the chosen car group according to the pricelist.

Change of rental period or change of reservation Any changes should be send to ZIM by e-mail, minimum 72 hours before rental starting date. In case renterer needs to change returning date or time of car return, written request shold be send to ZIM minimum 72 hours before agreed return date, providing that ZIM has technical possibility to make requested change (changes are subject to car availability). Also renterer should receive written confirmation with new dates from ZIM rent a car ( by e-mail), in order new dates to be valid.

Cancelation If confirmed reservation (by client) is cancelled more than 72 hours prior to reserved time, ZIM rent a car has right to charge reservation fee of 100.00 eur plus tax. If reservation is cancelled less than 72 hrs, ZIM rent a car has right to charge cancelation fee equal to three (3) days of rental.

Renter’s obligations:

The renter needs to take care of the vehicle. Driving off road is not allowed, rally, racing, towing other vehicles, borrowing of the vehicle to third parties. It is strictly forbidden to replace any parts on the vehicle or any kind of repairs. Every such action will be regarded as a damage and will charged to the renter.In case the renter returns the vehicle very dirty, he will charged for the car-wash service. Also the renter is obliged to inform ZIM rent a car of any dashboard warnings or info and other inconsistencies, and check those in the nearest repair shop provided by ZIM rent a car. The renter is obliged to check the vehicle’s fluid every 2000km ( engine oil level, cooler fluid level, tires pressure ) in a local repair shop or on his own. Any missing fluids refill will be compensated to the renter. ZIM rent a car is not held responsible for any light-bulb malfunction, the renter is obliged to change those if needed. In case the renter does not return the vehicle in the agreed time period, every additional day will be charged as one days rent according to the pricelist. The rental agreement can be extended with the consent of ZIM rent a car. ZIM RENT-A-CAR Obligation in case of any mechanical fault ZIM RENT-A-CAR is not responsible for any financial damage caused to the renterer due to mechanical fault of the rented car, such as loss of reserved hotels, air tickets, boat-train-bus tickets,or any other loss of travel or business arrangements.

Renterer should inform ZIM about any mechanical problems, or any fault information on instrument board or contact authorised servises if it is not possible to return car to ZIM. Renterer should take all necessary actions to provide greater damage, by following instructions of ZIM rent a car or authorised servise. All our cars have 24h road assistance.

Any possible disputes are the jurisdiction of the court in Belgrade.