Rent a car Belgrade ZIM

A few tips before renting a car

Your stay in Belgrade and travel around Serbia can be much easier and more beautiful if you book a rent a car in advance. You can pick up the car at Belgrade Airport, at the Zim agency or at some other address. In addition, vehicles can wait for you at the bus and train station, at the agreed time. In order to be familiar with the terms of a car rental company, as well as the terms of insurance, which often differ from agency to agency, it is important that you inform yourself in advance and read the general terms and conditions of renting a vehicle. Insurance conditions also differ, the differences mainly relate to the amount of possible participation in the damage, which can be from 300 to 700 euros, what the insurance covers, and more importantly in which case it does not cover something. One of the classic examples of car rental insurance, when the damage is not covered, is if the interior of the car is damaged, for example the seat burns with a cigar, the pet tears the seat, or if something spills that leaves permanent stains. The next problem can be in the case of transporting bulky items, all rent a car vehicles are passenger cars, not trucks, so that plastics and seats are damaged during loading and unloading. Such damages, in addition to being very expensive to repair, they happen due to the client's negligence, and that is the reason why they are not covered by insurance. They are not even covered by additional insurance, which the client can voluntarily take out before renting. In addition to the conditions and insurance, it is important to know what kind of car is reserved for you, whether it has winter equipment, snow chains during the winter months, green card, navigation. Any check of these details before picking up the car makes it easier and faster for you to rent and makes your trip more relaxed.

Collect information about a car rental company

When renting a vehicle, look for information about the company where you plan to rent the vehicle. The way of doing business, the advantages, the location and the working hours are some of the conditions that differ from company to company. The main differences are in the price of the service, so that should be compared as well. Today, the Internet is available to everyone and all information can be obtained very easily and quickly, unlike some past times when time was wasted with countless phone calls. Instead, now enter "rent a car Belgrade" or "car rental Belgrade" in the search and immediately get everything you are interested in.

See the available models of car rental companies

The next step is to review the options available to you. Define the model you need according to your affinities and needs. Rent a car companies have a variety of fleets, so they can fit and respond to all the wishes of even the most demanding users. It is important to note that all car rental vehicles undergo rigorous and daily technical control, before the start and after the end of each rental, starting from cleaning to regular and extraordinary servicing of vehicles. Our company, Zim, offers different types of cars for rent, manual or automatic, station wagons, business sedans and passanger mini vans.

What documents do you need? As for personal documents, it is necessary to have a driver's license, while some foreign companies require the mandatory possession of an international driver's license. It generally depends on the country, country, language or script, so if you are coming from China to Europe, you will need internqational driving licence. 

When should  the rented vehicle be returned?

It is recommended that you always specify in detail the time of returning the vehicle in advance, ie before the start of the rental. Usually rent a car companies each count 24 hours as a billing period for 1 day of rental, while each started hour after that automatically activates a new rental day. Many car rental companies only offer a car rental service without a driver. In other words, only the car is rented and the driver is you. There is also the possibility of renting a car with a driver, which is a great option for people from the business world. This option is also ideal for all those who need someone to take them to one or more locations, and Belgrade also offers this type of transfer.