Car rental Belgrade, Zim

Rent a car or taxi - what to choose?

On a business trip, many things that are not thought about much at first can create unnecessary problems. One of those things is the use of transportation, from hotel to airport, from airport to meeting or similar.

Rent a car here offers many advantages, such as speed of passenger transport and comfort. Flexibility and social distancing during pandemic. Public transport is often very crowded and also buses stop at each stop to accommodate new passengers. When you rent a vehicle, you drive alone and have only two stops, a starting point and an end point, and the time you save can mean a lot.

When comparing car rental and taxi services, you will notice that there are a lot of similarities but also differences. The advantage of a taxi is that it can be called at any time of the day, because today a taxi is available 24 hours a day. What has been a big problem with taxis lately is waiting. Namely, during rush hour, frequent traffic jams, and especially storms (even the slightest rain can cause problems on the roads, not to mention snow and ice), just to get a phone connection can sometimes take an eternity, and on that even when you add the time that taxi drivers need to get to your address, that service starts to lose all meaning. Also, the price of taxi services has changed a lot lately and is no longer profitable at all for long-distance rides. Somehow, people often do not think about such types of problems, concentrating on other things, but in the end, everything ends with resentment and criticism.


Rent a car Belgrade - the best way to visit Belgrade

On the other hand, you do not have these problems with a rented car rental. A rented vehicle gives you the option to use it and visit places throughout your stay. Rent a car companies such as ZIM RENT A CAR also provide a car rental service with a driver, leaving the user the opportunity not to depend on taxi. Transfer service is a good choice for those who prefer to have a driver, and a car of their choice, and more flexible service.

Rent a car companies are usually located near the airport, while ZIM RENT A CAR has its office in the center of Belgrade, at 28 Piarona De Mondezira Street, near the zoo, Kalemegdan Fortress and the park and the Danube quay "25 May". Also, all ZIM RENT A CAR clients have the option of picking up and returning vehicles at another address in the city, including Belgrade's "Nikola Tesla" airport. The vehicles that are rented vary in size, they are mostly small vehicles, but they can also be sized up to passenger vans where up to 9 people can travel, including the driver. Car rental services are becoming increasingly popular in our country. Rent a car Belgrade ZIM is ideal for all tourists, business people, but also all those who stay for a short or long time in our capital.


The number of car rental users is growing

Rent a car is increasingly in demand today and will only be an important factor in the passenger transport market, due to its advantages over all other types of transport. It is much cheaper than a taxi. There is no waiting charge for a rent a car. The vehicle is always delivered at the agreed time, while with a taxi it is the opposite story. If you decide to rent a car service with a driver, car will be at your disposal until you finish your work or other obligations and can take You to several different locations,not charging each mile. This is not the case with a taxi, or it is at incomparably higher prices.