Car rental Beograde airport

Rent a car at Belgrade airport Nikola Tesla

Rent a car Belgrade at Nikola Tesla Airport

Air travel has long been a matter of luxury. As air traffic is constantly and very rapidly developing, there is an increasing number of favorable offers for plane tickets to all destinations in the world, so from year to year there are more and more people who can afford to travel by plane. Almost all major airports have been relocated from cities to their outskirts, so there is a problem with how to get to and from the airport. There are several transport options: public transport, taxi service or car rental agency. Compared to the first two options, rent a car seems to be the most suitable solution.

Public transport rare, taxi expensive

Public transport covers the entire city, so there are lines that run to the airport. City buses cover the entire city and beyond, and in accordance with the general needs of citizens, plans are made for the number of vehicles on the streets. In the evening, and especially during the weekend, the number of vehicles decreases. If one bus is missed, it can very easily happen that you are late for your flight or meeting, while waiting for the other bus to arrive. City transport is affordable, but it also often comes from time deviations and delays, especially in Belgrade. There is only one line of city traffic that goes to the airport. It is supplemented by a line of minibuses that travel a slightly shorter and faster route, but there is significantly less space in it and the ticket is more expensive.

As for taxis, there are a large number of registered associations in Belgrade that deal with taxi services. Taxi has its advantages over buses, insofar as it is more comfortable, faster, but at the same time more expensive. Often, a taxi ride from the city center to the airport exceeds the price of rent a car for the whole day of use. Also, we should not forget the fact that it happens that waiting for a taxi is almost the same as waiting for a bus.

Rent a car Belgrade - a solution that pays off

When it comes to car rental, this type of transportation offers you everything for less money. Above all, the comfort you need wherever you go, as well as the speed you dose as needed. There are several questions regarding car rental: Who can rent a car and what is it that we need to be able to use car rental services?

Everyone can rent a car

The answers to these questions and all other questions are very easy. All persons over 18 years of age can rent a vehicle. Reservations can be made in just a few moments, both online, by phone or direct contact at the rent a car Belgrade agency. Personal documents, ID card and a valid driver's license are required to reserve a vehicle for the period that suits you best.

Reservations on the site

On the website of rent a car Belgrade agency, you can find out about available vehicle models and according to your needs, you decide what kind of car you want to rent. You can also choose the location and exact time of picking up the vehicle. Whether it's a car rental agency, an airport, a train station or the address of your home, it's up to you to choose. You can rent a vehicle with or without a driver. The range of fleet is wide, all cars are thoroughly inspected and serviced, and equipped for every type of travel. The choice varies from the smallest city cars to passenger vans.

As we have already mentioned, you can make a reservation via the online form, but also in person or by phone. After the reservation is made, it is necessary to make a deposit as a type of guarantee for the vehicle. The most common car rental clients are primarily businessmen, but in recent years there has been an increasing number of tourists. The reason for that is the development of the car rental service and the market itself, which is becoming more accessible and economical compared to other offers on the passenger transport market.

Rent a car - ideal for shorter trips

Car rental is ideal for shorter trips. There is no waiting for city transport, no rushing with taxis in city crowds, and most importantly, you decide on everything, drive where and when you want, without depending on anyone.

Because of all these things, the next time you travel to a city or any other destination, be sure to consider and seriously consider the car rental offer as a mode of transportation. Your stay will surely be much more pleasant.