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Automatic or manual car rental?

Rent an automatic car in Belgrade or at Belgrade Airport. An increasingly common dilemma for today's drivers is whether to opt for a car with a manual or automatic transmission. Thus, we at Zim rent a car face the same issues every day in order to help our clients. When renting a car, drivers usually take into account their old habits - whether they have used a vehicle with a manual or automatic transmission more often in the past, but both options have certain advantages.

Rent a car with manual transmission

The manual transmission includes a clutch in its structure. In order to speed ie. gear shifted, the driver must depress the pedal, move the transmission to the desired gear and then release the clutch pedal. The mechanism of operation of the manual gearbox (basket, lamella) is worn out, and over time the reliability of the gearbox decreases. More serious problems are noticed when it is harder to move the gear lever or when the pedal is harder. When repairing, a complete replacement is usually needed, less often reparation. Nevertheless, when everything is added and subtracted, the maintenance of the manual transmission is still cheaper compared to the costs that may occur when servicing the automatic transmission

One of the advantages of a manual transmission is that it transmits complete engine power to the wheels. Also, driving in the winter months with a vehicle with automatic transmission can be much more difficult and complicated compared to vehicles with manual transmission, especially if driving on wet or slippery roads covered with snow and ice - mostly because the traction or skidding of the vehicle is much better controlled. . Thanks to the manual transmission, parking is often much easier, especially on uneven terrain - uphill or downhill. In such situations, in a vehicle with an automatic transmission, additional concentration of the driver is required due to the sudden movements of the vehicle when starting.

Rent a car with automatic transmission

On the other hand, when we talk about a vehicle with an automatic transmission, we will also encounter numerous advantages. The automatic transmission means that the process of changing gears instead of the driver is done by the gearbox itself. Only the participation of drivers in changing gears comes down to just a few operations. First of all, the automatic transmission does not have a pedal, and there are several commands on the gear lever: (P) - parking position, (D) - drive position, (N) - neutral position (idle) and (R) - reverse or reverse mode . Driving with an automatic transmission is therefore maximally simplified, which is a crucial advantage for many when choosing. In order for the vehicle to start, it is only necessary to move the gear lever to mode (D) while holding the brake, release the brake and that's it. The same principle applies to other regimes. The automatic transmission provides maximum comfort when driving in the city, ie in conditions of frequent stopping and starting the vehicle. If you are a novice driver, an automatic transmission is the right choice for you. Small city automatic cars, such as the Opel Corsa, have been a real hit in recent years as they are easy to drive and ideal for city driving and parking in small spaces.

When we talk about the shortcomings of vehicles with automatic transmission, it is servicing. Repairs are very expensive, and often impossible, and require the purchase of a complete new gearbox. Only the price of changing the oil on the automatic transmission often exceeds the price of the complete service of the manual transmission.

Automatic or manual car rental: which to rent?

Finally, it should be noted that choosing a vehicle with a manual or automatic transmission is a matter of personal choice and one's own affinities, and often just a matter of habit. In general, the automatic transmission provides greater driving comfort because the machine performs more operations instead of the driver. When it comes to renting one or another type of vehicle, you can consult one of your colleagues from Zim rent a car for all dilemmas. The rental prices of these two types of vehicles do not differ significantly, and Zim rent a car is expanding its range of automatic cars from year to year.