Useful tips for Rent a car in Belgrade


Looking for a car rental car company in Belgrade? We offer you useful tips and information for car rental in Belgrade. Find out when is the best time to rent a car, the advantages and disadvantages of car rentals or the cheapest rent a car. Belgrade offers a large number of agencies, and only some of them are really good choice.


man renting a car

Book ahead and get an early discount

When planning a trip, summer or winter holiday, we usually leave rent a car reservation last.

However, renting vehicles at the last minute, during the high season, means a higher price and lower availability of prefered car.

The cheapest way to rent a car in Belgrade is to book a few months in advance. You can get an early discount of 10 to 15%. Then you can be sure that you will get the car you want, and a good price.

Select car rental agency that provides early discount and additional equipment.

You may need a baby seat, and you may want to drive with a GPS navigation device or you need winter equipment such as snow chains, winter tires. In many rentals car agencies, besides the basic rental price, additional equipment is charged.

In order not to get into an unpleasant position of being overcharged, ask in advance which car rental agency in Belgrade provides additional equipment, and at which cost. What type of insurance is included in basic rate, and how much is the excess ( deductible ammont).

Make sure you do not have a problem with parking fines

Inform yourself about parking rules in Belgrade and other cities, so that you won't have to pay penalties. Follow traffic rules such as driving with lights on, speed limit and familiarize yourself with the parking charging system.

If you stay in Belgrade centre, and you need a car, to avoid paying parking penalties due to parking time limitations, find a car rental in Belgrade that offers the option of monthly parking in the city center.


Nikola Tesla Airport - rent a car


When arriving to Belgrade by plane, it is easy to rent a car and collect it immediately upon arrival at Nikola Tesla Airport. Renting a car should be a simple, quick and efficient procedure for collecting and returning vehicles, without waiting time in ques at the desk. The easiest way is to choose agency with meet and greet service, the whole procedure is fast and easy. Your contract will be ready if you send a copy of your driving licence in advance, waiting for you in the car. 


If you collect a car before 08.00 am or after 08.00 pm or on Sundays, after hours charge will be applied to your bill. Also it is important to inform car rental agent about the time of car return.


Cancellation of reservation without charge


Different car rental companies have different cancellation policies and cancellation charges.

Find an agency that gives clients the ability to cancel their reservations at least 48 hours before the reserved date, without charge.


A wide range of car rentals

Every good and reputable car rental agency should have a wide range of vehicles in its fleet. The offer of the agency should be various vehicles that can meet different needs and tastes of clients.

Depending on how many people travel, the agency can offer a smaller or larger vehicle. According to the needs of passengers and the type of travel, the offer should include cars with automatic lights, GPS navigation, automatic cars, as well as cars with cruise control for motorway driving.

Our advice is also to pay attention to agency's website when renting a vehicle. The website, with all the necessary information and final prices, is another important factor that influences the selection of the agency.

Last but not least, what defines the client for a rental car agency are the kindness and professionalism of the staff.