Traffic regulations in Serbia

Renting a car for a journey in Serbia is a way to make the most of the time available and to visit all the planned places.


Finding the right car and the cheapest rent a car in Belgrade is important for your budget. Another, also important thing, that most of us forget, is to get acquainted with the applicable traffic regulations in the country in which you will drive. All our effort to find a cheap car rental can be annoyed with traffic or parking fine. For rented cars this fines can be much more ecpensive than fines for private cars in Serbia.


These are important traffic regulations in Belgrade and Serbia that will certainly be usefull.



Driving with day lights is required

The rule on mandatory day lights during the day, for some countries is valid, and for some not. Serbia is a country where driving with day lights is mandatory throughout the day. For this reason, you'll probably be more comfortable driving a car with automatic lights. That's why ZIM rent a car in Belgrade owns cars with automatic day lights.


Children's regulations

If you go with your children on a journey, it's important that you know the rules for transporting children. The front seat of the car is not allowed to transport children under the age of 12 years. Children can only be transported in the appropriate child seat depending on the age and height of the child. ZIM rent a car in Belgrade, provides free equipment such as a child seat for free.

There is another advantage offered by ZIM rent a car when traveling with children and using Nikola Tesla Airport. Our car will wait for you at the airport at pre-scheduled time, with all necessary equipment and child seat.


Parking fines in Belgrade

Parking fines can be very expensive, and for rental cars can be up to 110.000 RSD ( 920.00€).


Never park on places reserved for disabled persons, side walks or green areas, or any other places which are not regular parking. ZIM car rental can provide you with detailed parking zone map and information regarding parking in Belgrade.