Benefits of Renting Zim Rent a Car Vehicles in Belgrade

Every time when organizing a vacation or another trip, everyone asked himself whether it was better and more cost-effective to use his own car or to rent a car, and what is the cheapest solution. Belgrade has a very diverse offers of car rentals, so when making a decision it is necessary to consider following:



1. Vehicle condition and safety ( winter package)


When selecting a car, the safety is the most important item and should be taken carelessly. Namely, before starting the journey, it is necessary to check the condition of your own vehicle, or to verify its correctness. Also, in some cases you need international green card insurance. Checking your own vehicle,possible repairs, and additional insurance involve spending time that we do not usually have, and money that would be usefull on the journey.


For the above reasons, it is better to rent a car. The offer of ZIM rent a car vehicle consists of small city-to-business cars, family station wagons,passanger vans or sedans that are reliable, regularly serviced, and well equipped.


All ZIM cars are insured from theft in Serbia and abroad, third party liability (mandatory insurance in case the car damages another vehicle) and have 24h road assistance, and international green card insurance.


2. Comfort


The choice of time of departure, by-passes and tours of different destinations make one of the advantages of traveling by car. However, despite these advantages, comfort can not be imagined without enough space in the vehicle for each of the passengers, regardless of the length of the trip and the number of persons in the vehicle.The size of the space for things, (and the size of the trunk) is one of the things that affects the comfort when traveling.


ZIM rent a car in Belgrade offers vehicles of different sizes ranging from small city to family station wagons and passanger van for 8 (eight) people.


3. No depreciation


The advantage of using and renting cars, in relation to own one, is that there is no depreciation. Considering that, according to some research, the new car loses more than 30% of its value from the moment of purchase until one year old, compared to the rent a car prices with the prices of new vehicles, renting car is a financially more acceptable option because no maintenance is paid, registration and vehicle insurance, all services, seasonal tyre change.


4. Flexibility


ZIM rent a car in Belgrade offers its clients the choice of location when taking the car. The offer is based on quality and professional service, competitive prices as well as the possibility of car rental in Tadeuša Košćuška 28 street or in one of 160 hotels and hostels in Belgrade. The service is available also at Nikola Tesla airport, where ZIM staff meet the clients at arrivals.


5. Fuel savings and road costs


Another advantage of renting a car is the ability to choose a car according to current needs and financial capabilities. If you need a city driving vehicle, you can rent a smaller city car, that is also a smaller consumer. For group trips, you can rent a larger car with a better performance or a van for 8 (eight) people to achieve cost sharing, e.g. the amount of fuel costs, drumina etc.


6. Additional services


Based on the model of the vehicle, the length of the lease, vehicle accessories, etc. rent a car Belgrade car prices are formed. In ZIM rent a car in Belgrade, depending on the season, winter or summer equipment is free, and with the vehicle can be ordered a seat or booster for a child, GPS navigation and a green card.


Choose one of the best car rentals agencies in Belgrade, where in addition to these benefits, you can get another additional special offers. See our offer here.